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  1. Marvella Forte'

    An AWESOME PRODUCT!!! Discovered you guys this past Sunday in Park City @ The Park Silly Street Market! There are four of us; made tacos twice; with chips, too, and are already worried because we won’t have any “Orange Pepper Sauce” left when we get back home! Was pleased to view your website; found the phone number! Called to see if we could get a quick fix before returning home to Las Vegas and sending our friends home to Texas. WE WILL BE SUBMITTING AN ORDER ASAP! We native Texas, w/Afr.AM/Creole/TexMex Roots and loves, applaud the perfection you have achieved. Excellent blend of heat, flavor, flair and style! AN AWESOME COMPLIMENT TO ANYTHING! You have true fans and thanks for the tasteful adventure! – M.Forte’, Husband and Friends

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