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City Weekly: Downtown Farmers Market Finds

We’re one of the picks at the market featured in City Weekly:

“The Van Kwartel booth is always a bit intimidating for me each week and I admit I had yet to try it before now. I can not handle spicy and I am a complete baby when it comes to pepper seeds. There are six marinade and sauce blends and each of them features a very striking color. I tried a dip of each on tortilla chips and I have to say that they are bursting with flavor. The Jerk Marinade, one of my favorites, had some great sweetness to it and a close second was the Green Pepper sauce, which was the perfect amount of hot. There was only one sauce that I could just not handle, The Ghost Fire Pepper Sauce. The name of it almost burns to say and tasting it is even tougher. Luckily, they did have a salsa-like product called Sofrito to cool down my mouth. I had never tried Sofrito but it was definitely my favorite dip/sauce because it was fresh, chunky, and soothing…”

We’re psyched to be mentioned along with our friends at Grandma Sandinos and Proof Pawsitive.

Introduction to the Herbs and Spices of the Caribbean at ACE

This month we offered our first class at ACE – Alta Community EnrichmentIntroduction to the Herbs and Spices of the Caribbean was a wonderful way for us to give back to an organization that has been so supportive of our venture and hosts some of the most fun and informative events in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Participants created their own versions of Sofrito and a Curry Powder blend, enjoyed a meal of a traditional fish stew, and vegetarian curry over sofrito flavored rice, and then took home a spice mix pack to further their artistic adventures in their home kitchen.

Check out the photos, courtesy of ACE on their Facebook Page.