Magic in a bottle

Van Kwartel Flavor Science Pepper SaucesOur bottle is not only beautiful, it is an embodiment of generations of family values.

When the family emigrated from the Caribbean, glass bottles were not manufactured locally in the abundance we have today. Like many immigrant families of that era, they would be completely unfamiliar with today’s throw away culture. Every type of packaging brought into the home would be re-purposed and reused in as many iterations as creativity would allow. Careful mending and repairs applied when needed and when broken beyond repair, reimagined as the building blocks for something new.

A beer bottle would hold the latest batch of pepper sauce, a jelly jar would house homemade preserves, and when chipped beyond that use morph into containers to organize screws and nails in grandpa’s workshop, hold notions in a sewing box, or nurse an avocado seedling. We honored this tradition by carefully selecting our packaging to be durable, reusable, a reflection of our cultural heritage and commitment to bring you freshest and most delicious sauces, marinades and spice blends.

We were the first local food company to use these bottles in Utah; they’re expensive but worth it to us because you’re more likely to reuse it in your home. If you don’t want to keep the bottle, we sterilize and reuse them and give you $1 off your next purchase. This summer, our customers have already kept more than 350lbs of glass out of the waste stream.